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    Hi this is richlyn.
    new to this place and is my forst post.
    I have a xp and ubuntu dual boot system ....

    I have a windows Xp sp2 system and been having problems with viruses lately.
    Though i dont surf the internet much just activate my GPRS from my phone on weekends(but i have a pendrive and an external drive that i get Movies and files from friends and office).
    Laytely a malware was found in the system 32 folder of the windows and i did a reinstall of OS.i installed Mcafee on recomendation of a friend ?(since he always found viruses on my pendrive)After the install the PC has become too slow(its a core 2 duo with 1 GB ram)and hange frequently.
    I have thought of reinstalling the OS and installing some AV other than McAfee
    Any recommentations consireding that i frequesntly user a external drive and need something to san it.
    Please advise me.

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    Re: Pendrive scanner

    Most AV products will scan drives. Your problem is more likely one of the products you install after Windows. I'm going to assume this OS and these files/movies are all legally obtained therefore I would think, because you imply you may have a virus again, that you
    1. Re-install the OS from original media (as copies on the internet are likely to have back door programs installed)
    2. Update it to SP3 and any other updates.
    3. Install a new copy of the McAfee download (or original CD) and update it, install Spybot, AdAware, Malwarebytes etc (your preference).
    4. Get you friend to scan your pendrive and remove any viruses he finds.
    5. Plug in your pendrive and scan it before doing anything else yourself. Once complete scan it again using an online scanner (trend micro for example).

    A lot of files obtained from the internet have been packaged or editied to contain malware, even OS products.

    Please read this before you post:

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      Re: Pendrive scanner

      Originally posted by richlyn View Post
      ...that i get Movies and files from friends and office
      Could I please remind you that this forum will not tolerate illegal activities including downloads.
      Should illegal downloads be the cause of your virus infection, a number of phrases, including "serves you right" spring to mind.
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        Re: Pendrive scanner

        Keeping Ossian's post in mind...

        McAfee has a well deserved reputation for slowing machines down.

        Have a look at some stats for the leading AV products and you'll see that NOD32 has the lowest system footprint of the lot. Give their free trial (30 days I believe) a go and see how you get on with it. Independant tests rate it as the most effective solution currently available, with Virus Bulletin rating it at 96.23% effective. Compare this to McAfee which they rated 13th, with 66.04% effectiveness.

        Uninstall McAfee and reboot before installing a different AV product.

        Also keep in mind that whatever security software you use, common sense should always be the first line of defence. This means not downloading pirated material, not looking at dodgy websites and not installing random programs because "they sound cool". If you get offered something for free, ask yourself why is it free? Is it legitimately distributed as freeware, or would you normally have to pay for it? If it's the latter, then chances are there's a trojan in there to make it worthwhile someone offering it for free.
        Gareth Howells

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          Re: Pendrive scanner

          Hi, we talked about the free software to protect/clean up ur system here:

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          I do tend to think 'outside the box' so others may not always share the same views.

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