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System Shutdown

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  • System Shutdown

    My computer will automatically initiates the shutdown after i use 'cmd' in run dialog box. Although i use shutdown -a it will stop temporarily. i want to fix this probelm permanently. screenshot and message appearing is shown below.

    System Shutdown
    This system is shutting down.Please save all work in progress and log off.Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was intiated by COMPUTER_NAME\ADMINISTRATOR
    Time before Shutdown: 00:50:00
    Message: (Blank)

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    Re: System Shutdown

    Check scheduled tasks.
    Is it possible someone has remote access and is having a laugh?
    Is the machine up to date, free of virii and spyware?
    Anything in the event log too?
    How often does this happen, when does this happen etc More info please.

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      Re: System Shutdown

      I'd go into the system32 folder and see if someone/something replaced cmd.exe with cmd.bat and made the batch file to launch cmd.exe and then shutdown.exe or something. If cmd.exe is still in system32, check other folders that are in the global path. If you can get to the command prompt type 'path' (sans the quotes, of course) and check each folder listed for a suspicious file named 'cmd'.bat or cmd.vbs or something similar.

      As Andy said, it sounds like someone is having a go at you. Do you have any computer savvy siblings?
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        Re: System Shutdown

        There was an exploit that would do this if your system wasn't fully patched. Make sure you're completely patched by using Windows update.

        Also make sure automatic restart is disabled for errors.

        1. R-click My Computer, click Properties
        2. Click Advanced tab
        3. Startup and Recovery, click Settings for the Startup and Recovery dialog
        4. Clear the Automatically restart check box, click OK a few times
        5. Reboot for the settings to take effect

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          Re: System Shutdown

          Instead of typing 'cmd' type or command, that will get you to pretty much the same place.
          If that works with out the shutdown then great, after that pin it to the start menu so it's easy to get to.
          Hope that helped.
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