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clearing xp password cache

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  • clearing xp password cache

    We seem to have a security issue on a laptop a normal user is able to add himself as a administrator to the folder of other users and as wel to restricted file folders. We made a copy of his account an then we dont have the problem, this user is not a member of administrators.

    As it appears now this situation seems to be linked to his laptop, we think that an administrator has been doing things (mapping a network drive under a admin account) and this seems to be remembered.

    We want to know how we can solve this problem on the laptop perhaps by clearing the password cache..........

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: clearing xp password cache

    Try this:

    If there is a huge security list, log in as a local admin, clear all settings on the local computer, remove the current user from the user list, remove from domain than rejoin to the domain.