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3Com Wireless Router Stealth mode

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  • 3Com Wireless Router Stealth mode


    For over a few weeks I own a 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router. But the router isn't working in full stealth mode. I've contacted 3Com but they had no suggestions. I'm running 2 computers with Windows XP Prof SP2 with Firewall enabled.
    The strange part is that a friend of mine has the same Router and computer and his network is in full stealth mode. At i've checked the ports and some of the ports are in Stealth such as port 445, 139 etc. but the rest is closed for connection but not in stealth mode.
    Has anyone suggestions?

    With best regards,


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    Re: 3Com Wireless Router Stealth mode

    I too made the mistake of buying this piece of trouble. I fought with it for weeks. I use IP telephoni, two W2K machines on the wired side and two XP laptops on the WiFi. At first I could not use the firewall and 3Com support in Canada told me that none of their products supported voip through the firewall, I disconected everything and went back to a modem and a dl-604 router and had to do away with WiFi.
    I have recently made a new effort to use this modem/router and have had success after reconfigouring, with the exception, so far, that I have not been able to use encryption and although all ports appear to be closed the are not "stealthed" according to ShieldsUP. Everything else is working.
    Perhaps with the new post we might attract the attention of someone with the neccessary knowhow.