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problems with Norton Internet Security on network

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  • problems with Norton Internet Security on network

    Hi all.

    This is a little off-topic, but thought I would put this issue out here, in case anyone else has seen this...

    I am having problems with Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2005 on a PC which is resident in a Windows 2003 AD Domain. I have used NIS 2003 and 2004 on client machines in the past with good results.

    The NIS 2005 programs seems to only work when logged-in as Administrator. When I login as a domain user, the program fails to load, and even worse, it cripples my ability to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. It seems that it interfers with Java code and renders some Website functions inoperable.

    The issue obviously seems to point to access rights somewhere. I have given each directory that contains portions of this application "total control" priviledges over those files, but that did not help.

    I have contacted Symantec, and there solution was to suggest that I give each user adminstrative privileges.

    -- John

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    I wonder if you give the user administrative rights to the local machine whether that would help.


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      I think it would help to give the user administrative rights, but that goes against my better judgement.

      That being said, how would I give admin rights just to the local machine, when the user logs into the domain for user authentication ?