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crashing a server

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  • crashing a server

    Hi guys,
    My names Leo and I'm new to this forum.I'm assigned a project in my university which's on buiding a security stress testing tool with which to test servers.The tool will be developed by collecting open-source software(nessus,framework and the like) and operating systems and writing a test harness to combine the functionality together into a single flexible tool.

    Could you help me with ideas regarding what sort of attacks i should incorporate in the tool,the idea is to try and crash the server.....there would be a software interface.its like i press this button and this particular attack happens...plz help me with suggestions and ideas,am running out of time.....


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    Re: crashing a server

    Mmmmm, I don't think so. If you were "assigned" this "job" then i would think your comprehension and grammer would be at a level higher than a 5th Grader.

    No, we will NOT help you try and hack the Uni computer network or build a hacking tool.
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