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I disabled all accounts now what do I do?

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  • I disabled all accounts now what do I do?

    I had installed the netframework (don't ask me why) and then saw it left the log on screen. I uninstalled it and the log on remained. I tried to get rid of it by disabling all the accounts. Now the log on remains (with Administrator) and it won't let me log on, saying the (all of them) are disabled and to see a system admin. The 'cancel' button is there but not usable.
    I need help!
    Thanks in advance.

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    I assume it is the dotNET framework you have installed. This isn't a huge problem or anything anyone would consider a mistake. Loads of APPs rely on the extensions it provides these days - almost a must to have installed.

    Anyway - what system are you running? Is it a server you have done this to or just a workstation? Can you connect to it from another computer on your network? (If it is networked?) There are a few ways around any of these issues. Just let us know the answers to these questions and we can try to help.

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