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Multiple credentials prompt message

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  • Multiple credentials prompt message


    I have configured the ISA server 2006 as a Reverse Proxy.

    Here is the architecture :

    Internal (IIS) -> ISA Server 2006 (with 3 Leg Perimeter) -> External

    In the internal machine, i have configured Dynamics CRM 4.0 with Integrated
    Windows Authentication

    After configuring a Web Publishing Rule in the ISA Server 2006, the computer
    in the external network can access the IIS by pointing to the ISA 2006.

    I have an issue, that multiple IE User Login prompt is appeared. It's
    supposed to be appeared only one time, but it appears every time.

    I have captured the log information from the log file and it appears that
    the connection is using the ISA\administrator (local workgroup administrator
    login) instead of the login that i have supplied through IE window.

    For your information, the ISA is not part of the domain inside the Internal.
    The Web Listener is configured with Integrated Windows Authentication and
    "allow client authentication over http" is also configured.

    in the web publishing rule, i have configured "No delegation, but client may
    authenticate directly"

    Please let me know some guidance in how to resolve this issue.

    Thanks for your help.


    Hadi Teo.

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    Re: Multiple credentials prompt message

    Which server is doing the authentication? If the ISA server is not a member of the domain, then Windows Auth will check it's local users/groups for authentication.
    Jake G

    Former Microsoft MVP - IIS ('02-'06)


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      Re: Multiple credentials prompt message

      Hi Jake,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I have tried once more to join the ISA Server to the same domain where IIS is resided in the internal network. The result is the same.

      There are always multiple credentials challenge displayed in the IE browser.

      May i know any other ideas to troubleshoot this? I can see from the ISA log that the correct credential is passed from the client machine resided in the external network to the IIS machine in the internal network. but why the Kerberos ticket is lost and doesn't get cached in the client machine ?




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        Re: Multiple credentials prompt message


        Actually my scenario is similar to this :

        but i am not using SSL