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Anti virus / mail filtering / anti spyware software

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  • Anti virus / mail filtering / anti spyware software


    I am trying to gather information about what other IT professionals have implemented to combat virus', spam and spyware.

    If you have a minute could you let me know what software you are using for the following and also can I ask why?

    1. Anti virus
    2. Mail filtering
    3. Anti spyware

    Also do you have policies in place for staff to cover the above.

    Thanks for you feedback

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    1. Symantec AntiVirus
    2. Spam, depends on the type of user. If they strictly use POP3 then our SpamPal server. If they use Exchange, then IMF and filters in Outlook 2003 work pretty good - honestly though we don't have a huge problem with it in general. I see about 500-1000 message per week being caught by the filters for ~50 users.
    3. AdAware and Spybot together.

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