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help with opening decrypted files

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  • help with opening decrypted files

    hi every one, I'll be really grateful if anyone can help me with the following problem.

    one of the employees in my work asked me to install winXP on his computer instead of the existing win2000, so I copied all docs and xls files from his computer NTFS hard disk to a 40GB removable USB hard disk that is formatted as NTFS also, without noticing that there are some decrypted files (doc & xls) among the ones that I copied.

    after formatting and partitioning and installing winXP, I tried to copy back his files from the USB removable hard disk but couldn't because of the decrypted files. also trying to open them will give an access denied error.

    is there any way that will allow me to remove the decrypted attribute from the files and changing them back to normal.

    dose anyone know if I plugged the USB HD to a pre win2000 (FAT or FAT32) computer, is it going to remove the attribute?

    thanx in advance.

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    I didn't try it myself but I believe that has some tool for opening EFS encrypted files.

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      I may be off base here but WinXP checks file permissions and you are getting "Access Denied" because the user you are logged on as does not have the proper permissions as recorded for the file(s).

      If you are logged on as an Administrator you can "take possession" of a file or folder by clicking the Security tab in its Properties, clicking on the Advance button and then following the dialog. If its a folder you are taking possession of you can propagate your new rights down to its files and sub-folders, sub-sub-folders, etc.



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        possible, but this won't work if the file is encrypted.
        see this article:
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          Maybe I misread the original post. It seemed to imply that he could not read any files because of the few that were encrypted and he did not say that he was getting "access denied" only on the encrypted files.

          I had a very similar problem when I reformatted my external USB2 HD to NTFS. I wanted to be able to access data on it from either of my PC's. But I could no longer access files from the "other" PC because of these permissions even though they were both XP Pro and none of the files were encrypted.

          Here, he said he had changed from W2K to XP.

          But it is good to know this about encrypted files for the future.


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            I don't even know if I am "replying" right to this, but here is goes. I have been looking everywhere for an answer to my dilemma. i hope you can help. I formatted a CD on my "old" computer, all my personal business files, and formatted to be read "only from that particular computer." I upgraded to XP. Uh, oh. Now I am denied access to read the files on the CD They can be found nowhere under all the usual exploring tools that I know of. Nothing shows. The only reason I know they are there is because I'm opening with Excel and it denies me access and says see ADMIN.

            Is there a way for me to break into my files? I need these files desperately. I've been dealing with this over a month and finally decided to tackle the 'research" end of this after the holidays.