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Automatically scanning a new USB device for viruses

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  • Automatically scanning a new USB device for viruses


    I'm looking for a solution that would eliminate the security risk of "outsiders" plugging in an infected USB drive and spreading worms etc in our system.

    An ideal solution would be to have a process (that does not require alot of resources) that automatically initiates a virus scan for the new drive.

    We are using eTrust's antivirus, and the appropriate command is

    Shellscn.exe x: /s
    which will work on all the computers in our domain.

    The closest solution I've found is making a autorun.inf file on all the USB drives we have in our posession that points to a batch file which runs the Shellscn command. But then again, unmodified USB drives are still a security risk.

    I've tried searching these forums but most of the hits were about disabling the USB drives and disabling the users writing privileges on the USB drive - which does not solve my problem.

    Any answers are appreciated.