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ISA 2004 SP1 Standard & MSN Live!

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  • ISA 2004 SP1 Standard & MSN Live!


    I have installed ISA SERVER 2004 SP1 Standard and set up rules. Installed ISA Firewall client on client PC. I have allowed http, https, ssl,...and MSN Messenger among them. Proxy settings on client PC are ok (I can surf thru IE...), but I can't connect MSN to internet.

    When I start TROUBLESHOOTING, everything is OK and all tests are passed... But still can't connect Messenger online.

    I have opened, additionally, port 1863, but no good...

    Any ideas?

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    Re: ISA 2004 SP1 Standard & MSN Live!

    You may need to post all the Rules as it is likely that one of them is blocking Messenger. From memory by default, Messenger has access and a Rule is needed to block it.
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      Re: ISA 2004 SP1 Standard & MSN Live!

      what are the error messages?
      Do you use the firewall client?
      What does the logging off the ISA server telling you..
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        Re: ISA 2004 SP1 Standard & MSN Live!

        The error code in MSN is 80072746.

        I have FW client installed and SP 3 installed.

        Here is, in att., troubleshooting of MSN...

        As you can see... only SSL-Tunnel (port 443) is denied, but I allowed it in rule named "Internet Pristup"...
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          Re: ISA 2004 SP1 Standard & MSN Live!

          I've tried something... stupid... I've tried to login with Windows Messenger (yes.. the one that comes with Windows XP) and it signed in without any problems...