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Internet Cafe security issues

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  • Internet Cafe security issues

    I'm looking for an application that will give me the power of windows xp "group policy" but will allow me to give different permissions to different users, or to different groups on a local machine.

    One idea I got is to figure out where the policy settings are stored in the registry and put them in CURRENT_USER instead of LOCAL_MACHINE.
    The only thing is that I'm not sure what to look for..

    I'm running an internet cafe, and have serious problems restricting users permissions. The internet cafe software I use (cybercafe pro) doesn't run on a restricted user account (I'll be glad if you can recomend me another software).

    I want the users to be unable to download or install any program, and if they manage to get out of the internet cafe software, not to be able to see the "start" button, or the desktop.

    Please advice,
    Any tip will be truely appereciated

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    If u want to restrict downloading of exe, zip, tar files etc., you can define these rules in the proxy server level. If ur proxy server does not have this feature go for ISA Server or go for squid which is a open source. In squild you can define the acl rules. squid for windows is also available.

    Reg. the software installation restriction etc., for specific users it is best to go for Group Policy. BTW what OS do u use winxp.