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    Setting up a home network.


    Smoothwall Firewall box, a 2003 server file and printer server box, ADSL router, and three client PC's.

    My plans are:

    Router > Smoothwall Firewall box > file and printer server box > client PC's.

    Main question, when configuring Smoothwall Firewall box should I allow the Smoothwall Firewall box to perform DHCP services as well or should I just let the router do all that and use the Smoothwall Firewall box strictly as a hardware firewall solution behind the ADSL router?

    I'm just wondering if I should disable my ADSL router's DHCP function or not...

    Any thoughts/tips/complaints/comments?
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    Re: Network Design

    Actually, you can keep both enabled. The router DHCP will serve all of one 'client'. That being the smoothwall box. (on the red interface).

    The smoothwall box will serve the rest of your lan.

    You may need a crossover cable from the router to the red interface.
    Turn off any firewall/nat on the router to really 'use' the smoothwall
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