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  • Open Stealth ports?

    I ran a Sygate stealth scan and discovered all my ports are blocked (stealth). I don't want this. I use bittorrent to download files ,and it is slow. I believe it is because my ports are blocked. How can I open them? I have Windows Xp, and I'm using the windows firewall. Under advanced settings in the Local Area Connections I added ports 6881-6889 to the list of services I want internet users to access. I don't have any other firewall. My roommate hooked up Linksys to my computer for his wireless use. Could this be a problem as well? I would give more information if I knew what to provide, so if anyone is knowing and willing to help me it would be apperciated. Thank you.

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    The linksys router uses NAT which will stealth the ports.

    You'll need to forward the ports to your internal IP address.

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