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question regarding registry key *tunmp

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  • question regarding registry key *tunmp

    Hi all,
    I have a gateway laptop pre-installed vista home premium.
    After reinstall with the vista CD-ROM that come with it, after a couple reboots, I noticed there is a *tunmp key in the registry:
    under it, there is a key "0000", with one of values named

    data:"@nettun.inf,%tunmp.displayname%;Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter"

    under "0000", the "properties" key can not be opened, "access denied"(even with administrator privilege).

    there are some other "properties" key similar to this, can be opened.
    I am a little concerned with these unfamiliar keys and wondering if they have something to do with rootkit.
    If anyone has any clue and can give some help, I'll really appreciate it.
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    Re: question regarding registry key *tunmp

    that is the "Microsoft Tunnel Interface Driver" and i wouldnt suggest you mess with it unless you want it to be broken...

    it may be unfamiliar to you, but you need it**. microsoft says this:
    "Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter (comes with Microsoft Windows 2003 .Net
    Server), a network driver that provides a tunnel with a File API interface,
    through which a user-mode Windows application or service can interact with
    the network stack as if the application were a network interface."
    **now, im not an expert on anything, but i would think that some application needs this to work, or it wouldnt be there...
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      Re: question regarding registry key *tunmp

      Thank you, James, I really appreciate your advice.
      The reason I am worrying about it was that it might be related to the installed virtual pc 2007.
      Although it is not supported, virtual pc 2007 actually works mostly fine on vista home premium, except for a connectivity problem between virtual PCs any time after the hosting vista resumed from hibernating or sleeping. Usually it backs to work after restarting virtual pc console.
      I am just wondering if this is caused by the vista home premium compatibility issue or a unknown rootkit is quietly using its secret network channel without being monitored by the firewall/antivirus software.
      Any thought on this is very welcomed.