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Can't Get Past "Certificate Revoked" Messages!!!

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  • Can't Get Past "Certificate Revoked" Messages!!!

    Using IE and Vista - constantly getting "certificate revoked" message - even when trying to log in to microsoft discussion groups and major on-line retailers. I am about to throw my (brand new) computer at a brick wall. HELP!

    Perhaps I should mention that I have 2 other computers on the same server (home) that work just fine, although neither one is Vista. I never wanted Vista, but what are you going to do when you need a new computer, other than Apple, of course...

    I have gone into Internet Options/Security and reset everything I can identify that is related to security to the lowest setting it will allow and restarted numerous times (this has been happening for weeks). There's a box for "don't prompt for client certificate when only one or no certificate exists" and the options are "enable" or "disable". While the extraordinarily annoying triple negative grates against me, I have tried it both ways and neither helps; nor does the "fix" stick when I restart.

    There is also an option under "Advanced" that lets you opt for "check for server certificate revocation". I have unchecked that, but it does not help and it does not "stick" when I restart.
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