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Do I need gateway AV device if I have an IPS device

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  • Do I need gateway AV device if I have an IPS device

    Need some suggestions or opinions. I am planning to purchase an IPS gateway device either juniper or tipping point. Or any other brand you all prefer. But heres my situation, I also wanted a device like sophos web security or trend micro web security appliance to sit at the gateway. Mainly to protect guest users and provide web and spam filtering. If I get an IPS device, do I really need an antivirus gateway device or is that kinda redundant. If I dont need an antivirus device, should I go with a dedicated device for website and spam filtering? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Do I need gateway AV device if I have an IPS device

    if the impact to your system is negligable, then there is no such thing as "too redundant" imo.

    i wouldnt rely strictly on a hardware AV solution, nor would i rely solely on a software based solution...

    i had a fortinet 500a and a trend micro server running together.

    i also have 2 IronPort C-100 at the mail gateway...

    plus GFI and IMF services, plus the blacklists...

    i dont think of it as overkill.

    better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

    have you ever had a viri that slimantec didnt detect that Trend did? i have and that is a perfect example of why there is no such thing as too much protection...

    but thats just my two packets.
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      Re: Do I need gateway AV device if I have an IPS device

      I've got a Watchguard x705e in front of my network. It has the Unified Threat Management Package. it takes care of IPS, Spam, Email Virus, plus firewall

      On the email server itself, I run symantec av for exchange and gfi mail essentials.

      I was serieously considering removing symantec and gfi from my mai lserver since its an old box, but after doing the majority of the scanning at the firewall, my mail server is breathing a lot easier.

      Bottom line: If you can afford it, do it.

      On Edit -

      If looking for a security appliance, remember that the you have the cost of the hardware, then you have the cost of the yearly subscription for all of your services ( from some vendors at least).

      My Firebox was roughly $3800.00 fully loaded ( x750e with UTM and Fireware Pro) shipped to my door, and it looks like my next subscription renewal will be around $2500.00
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