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ISA Server 2000 URL Block/Allow issue

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  • ISA Server 2000 URL Block/Allow issue

    we have ISA Server 2000 with Windows 2000 Advance Server and have 30 Clients, on windows 2000 all users are using Internet, I want to control or see the upload or download speed of every client through IP address there is available any software.

    My ISA Server configuration. I do step by step.
    a) Client address set ==> I added Rang of 30 IPs.

    b) Site and Contain Rules =====>>
    New -> Rule-> RuleName -> Allow -> Custom -> all Destination -> always ->
    specific Computer -> Add -> all content group- > finish

    c) protocol Rule:
    New -> Name -> Allow -> all traffic expect selected -> always->
    specific computer (client address set) -> add - Finish.

    Now if I uncheck the HTTP in protocol rule then user can access all the sites and I want to block all downloading of my user.

    can I allow only hotmail and yahoo to our users in ISA Server 2000?

    Any one can help me in this regard.