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ISA 2000, Delgate Administrator's permission

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  • ISA 2000, Delgate Administrator's permission

    Dear all,

    we have a new IT in our company, we want him to administer ISA server 2000.
    the problem how we give him only the necessary permission without add him in administrator group.

    ISA server is integrated mode.

    I need ur great help asap to begin his role.

    thank you a lot.

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    Re: ISA 2000, Delgate Administrator's permission


    Administrative roles (Standard Edition)

    ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition only

    The following table describes the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Standard Edition roles.
    ISA Server Administrator
    Users and groups assigned this role can perform any ISA Server task, including rule configuration, applying of network templates, and monitoring.
    im sure the same applies to ISA server 2000 if deployed in a 2003 domain, but not sure about 2000 natively.
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