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  • Constricted sites settings

    Hi All:

    The last several days I have been having a problem concerning my constricted sites zone of my internet connection settings. For some reason my system keeps forcing a settings change to enable the submission of nonencrypted form data, thereby opening up my risk of catching a virus through email sendings. Despite my numerous attempts to disable this option, the setting will become re-enabled within several minutes of my making the change. I have no clue as to why this is happening. Last week I had reinstalled my entire xp operating system due to several other non related problems that I was experiencing. I also had downloaded and installed a pc booster to improve windows performance.

    Would anybody have any suggestions on what I could do about this?
    Thanks very much.

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    Have you applied SP1 and all Updates & Hotfixes? What antivirus are you running? Have you done a scan for Spyware?

    Adware 6.

    Latest reference list for Adware.

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