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    I am not sure to be in the right forum so it I am not I apologize...

    Here is my problem:

    I have a laptop on which I want to be able to enable or disable the wireless card via the hardware profile doesn't matter if the laptop is docked or not. I have configured a hardware profile named WIRELESS OFF and WIRELESS ON corresponding t the wanted configuration.

    When the laptop is undocked it works but when it is docked it doesn't take care of the hardware profile I choose and it always disables the wireless card.

    Can it be due to a domain policy or something like that??? (it was previously configured to disable wireless card when docked but I have deleted the Docked and undocked profiles.

    Now the thing is that when you create a hardware profile you have a box checked saying that it is a laptop computer and so it takes the docking station status into account. Is it not possible to uncheck that box ??? (in my case it is greyed so I cannot uncheck it)

    Thank you

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    Re: Hardware profile

    What is the make/model of the laptop? One of our members may have had previous experience with this device. Some of them have their own specific querks, not that I am saying that it is the case this time.
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