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Question: free firewall with nat for atm internet line

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  • Question: free firewall with nat for atm internet line



    i am searching for some free firewall like ipcop that can handle a atm 2/2 connection with some static ip's...

    BUT i need to know if some one here can tell me hes using it with a connection like this or something simillar and hes using somehow nat for internal clients to assign real static ip's...

    in short

    no money to buy checkpoint or anything else...
    it has to be freeware (or almost free)supports this kind of internet connection and can make the nat for proxy's in the dmz like exchange proxy iis asterisk server...

    thanks for any tip


    ok i have installed today in my test lab

    ipcop firewall with 3 network cards

    Green = lan (safe net)
    Red = internet (side that needs to be protected)
    orange = DMZ (area to place mail-proxy etc)

    addons installed
    openvpn = vpn connection for road warriors to connect from Red Nic to Green Nic
    advanced QoS = traffic shaping
    p2p filter = to block file sharing SF
    advanced proxy = does some chashing for internet traffic
    and url filter = to block bad sites... with black list and custom lists

    all the plug ins are working and i have tested them good software for free

    i have searched around and it should also support the nat thing... becouse its iptables based so i cant test it now i still did not have that line but ill update you...
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    Re: Question: free firewall with nat for atm internet line

    Please review:

    Please use Red Hat Enterprise with this software.
    Also, note that this software support isnt so easy and
    there is no a real protection like Check Point etc...
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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