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  • Isa 2000 ?

    I have installed windows 2003 server with ISA 2000 server, it has not direct Connection (dialup/DSL), I have 2 network card, one has ip and other, I want to set it take proxy from proxy server and give internet sharing to network, how?
    In simple, I want to do ISA 2000 practical without diapup/dsl modem, using already existing proxy server/cable net,how?

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    Re: Isa 2000 ?

    So you want to use proxy behind proxy, I am right?? If yes why doing this??
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      Re: Isa 2000 ?


      What exactly has this to do with SBS??

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        Re: Isa 2000 ?

        yes, i want use proxy behind proxy for experimental purpose, Can i do this, how?
        i want that my ISA server take proxy from network and give it to other nerwork using 2 Network cards. how?


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          Re: Isa 2000 ?

          You expect us to work out what you are trying to achieve with a 2 sentence post. Ali, you have made 210 posts and you still can't formulate a question where we can answer you without having to try and extract the necessary network info from you.

          Draw a simple diagram of what you want to do. Post it in JPG format or in a TXT document.
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