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ISA 2004 - restricting users' access

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  • ISA 2004 - restricting users' access

    How can I restrict usage of only certain websites for my users. For example, I only want certain users to be able to visit only websites that the company does business with. I want my HR users to be able to visit only URL EDITED BY MOD and no where else.
    How can I acheive this using ISA 2004?
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    Re: ISA 2004 - restricting users' access


    first of all, ISA 2000 or 2004 depends on the Setup you have made. is ISA Server is your Edge Firewall with 2 or three NICs. Once is connected to Internal, one is connected to External and the thrid one is connected to the DMZ?

    or you made ISA second layer of protection to your network after cisco PIX or ASA?

    You can accomplish this by creating an Allow Rule from Internal Users or [Computer Set Rage of IPs] to [URL Set] and this should be applied to the sepcific users in a Group [HR] or whatever.

    Hope this will help

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