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  • Users Need Access to play Games


    i have searched for this topic but nothing coming up.

    i have a domain on server 2003. i have users with domain user access etc..

    what i need to know is how do i give access to users to play a internet game that needs administrator rights. the game needs to download some temp plugins to local harddrive when user clicks on it. the game is "Runescape".

    if i login as administrator on workstation it works.

    what do i need to set on domain controller to allow access for domain users? Is there any active x i need to allow etc?? any help please..

    many thanks

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    Re: Users Need Access to play Games

    any help guys please!!



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      Re: Users Need Access to play Games

      I think there is something you can set in grou policy to allow users to download and install plugins in internet explorer. Try searching goole for something along those lines.
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        Re: Users Need Access to play Games

        1. If there is only one game that need to have Admin previlages to install plugins then I prefere you to give Domain Admin, Enterprise Admin previleges to users, and remove Domain user group, install plugins and then remove those previlages again. This should work if game need to install once those plugins.

        2. If you have more than one game, and plugins need to be updated permanently I prefer you create local administrator user with name for example x and password same x and then use RUNAS command.

        Using SHIFT + RightClikc in game icon

        or if you dont want user to see user name of admin account use this command prompt command:

        runas /profile /user:x "d:\gamedirecotyr\executable.exe"

        you can do this with .BAT file or go to New > Shortcut and type script.

        after user click on icon to play game (shortcut/.BAT file you created) it will prompt for password (password x in this exampe).

        This command runs software with user x with local admin rights.
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