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the difference between win2k srv & win2k pro

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  • the difference between win2k srv & win2k pro

    hi evrybody
    can someone tell me the difference between win2k srv & win2k pro
    i appreciate

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    Re: the difference between win2k srv & win2k pro

    Originally posted by assilevi
    hi evrybody
    can someone tell me the difference between win2k srv & win2k pro
    i appreciate

    Windows 2000 Professional Overview

    Windows 2000 Professional is the Windows operating system for business desktop and laptop systems. It is used to run software applications, connect to Internet and intranet sites, and access files, printers, and network resources.

    Built on Windows NT® technology and the easy-to-use, familiar Windows® 98 user interface, Windows 2000 Professional gives business users increased flexibility. The integrated Web capabilities let you connect to the Internet from anywhere, at anytime—giving your company access to host of flexible, cost-effective communications options. In addition, broad peripheral and mobile computer support make Windows 2000 Professional an ideal operating system for a workforce that increasingly relies on notebook computers. Further, your support and administrative staff will particularly appreciate the reliability and manageability enhancements that make desktop management simpler and more efficient. Windows 2000 Professional lets you:

    -Work how and where you want with new peripheral support and features that extend notebook capabilities.
    -Rely on your PC to be up and running with enterprise level quality.
    -Work the way you did with Windows 98, only much faster. Combine the ease of Windows 98 with the manageability, reliability, and security of Windows NT, at speeds 30 percent faster than Windows 98 on PCs with 64 MB of RAM or more.
    -Communicate, share information, and use the Internet quickly and easily. With integrated support for Internet-enabled applications, business software developers incorporate the new ways to create and share information made possible by the Internet.

    Windows 2000 Server Overview

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is the multipurpose network operating system for businesses of all sizes. Windows 2000 Server lets you:

    -Share files and printers reliably and securely.
    -Choose from thousands of business applications compatible to run today on Windows 2000 Server.
    -Build Web applications and connect to the Internet.

    This combination and flexibility delivers a strong business value proposition for today's IT customer.

    "The immediate return on investment and the way Windows 2000 Server maps to our long-term goals makes it a perfect fit for our business. The upgrade was so easy—it only took several weeks—we're anxious to roll it out and use it throughout our service offerings."—Mike Connor, Senior Vice President, Brokerage Services Group, Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
    There are alot. The underlying structure of the two are the same. Pro has some of the same applications found in Server but they are crippled in some way. Also, Pro is meant to be used as a workstation OS and server to serve data to clients.

    If you want more info go here.

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