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Accidentally Deleted Password Files in Registry

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  • Accidentally Deleted Password Files in Registry

    Big problem here. I’ll include as much detail as possible.

    About my system:
    Win XP Pro on NTFS and I had a login password I needed to enter for my profile called “Dad”

    Went to a web site recently that pushed out at least 8 different worms/viruses etc. Spybot could not remove two of them even after a reboot. WinPatrol detected that two executable files were trying to install themselves in my system folder. After an hour of clicking the “no” button, I decided to go into the registry to delete the two .exe files. When I did delete the 2 files I noticed on the next start-up that my admin and “Dad” password (one in same) did not work. Each time I typed my correct password in to log into Win XP I received the message “logging you off”. The login box reappeared asking for a password.

    What do I do? I need to access the data on this drive and don’t want to reformat and reinstall Win XP...Help!!!