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  • W2000 passwords.....

    Machine: HP Omnibook 6100 running W2000 Service Pack 4.

    I tried to use this machine for the first time in a couple of months and it's asking for the administrator password rather than the user account it normally came up in.

    I am quite sure I remember the user name and password, at least for that account, but all I can get is "The system could not log you on...."

    Still, I read much and tried the approach of renaming cmd.exe as logon.scr and using that to reset passwords ("To successfully reset the local administrator's password"). It came up and I tried to use it... The syntax "net user administrator 123456" yields a "System error 5 has occured. Access is denied."
    The syntax "user administrator 123456" returns nothing.

    I read here ( that this message means I'm not known to the system as an administrator. but if I was, all this wouldn't be needed in the first place (!) so the whole exercise seems circular. What am I missing here?

    (I used a Norton Ghost bootable CD rather than an alternate Window's install to manipulate the files....)

    So I am wondering if there is anything else that could be going on that could prevent a logon.

    CMD says the user account is unknown.

    I am baffled. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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    Re: W2000 passwords.....

    The prompt "user admin 12345" won't do you any good coz there's no such command. On the other hand, the command "net user admin 12345" might. Since the alt logon trick might not always work (and it says so in the article) you should try one of the other methods listed there.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: W2000 passwords.....


      I don't believe the logon.scr trick will work for W2K, WXP, forward if up-to-date on its patches. It appears Microsoft has caught the clue and removed most of SYSTEM's privs from its privilege token (vs. just disabling them) in this one instance leaving just enough privs to allow for the logon dialog. See my post which includes the results of whoami:


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