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How do i Reset my adminstrator password

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  • How do i Reset my adminstrator password

    Hi Everyone ,

    i had lost my administrator password in one of the xp machine , so

    how do i reset it ( local admin) password .


    anyone tell any way to delete the file so that it can allow me login in inside

    Helping me in this issue will be apprecited

    Thanks & Regards

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    Re: How do i Reset my adminstrator password

    Hi there,

    Please see the following helpful article by Daniel Petri:
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      Re: How do i Reset my adminstrator password


      I'm having a problem with my home PC, and all the things I've tried so far have failed.

      Basically, I have somehow put a password on our pc, and I'm now locked out of Windows. I tried to put a password on a folder within MyDocuments by using the right-click 'sharing and security' option. I chose a password, and answered a 'reminder' question. Then I pressed 'apply'. When I then tried to open the folder, I got into it without having being asked for a password, so I assumed my attempt had failed.
      I later closed the computer down, but when I turned it on the next day I was asked for the Administrator password. [I had never before put on a password for Windows, as it is a home pc.]
      The 'reminder' tip is the one I gave for the attempted folder password, but the password I chose does not work. I cannot be sure that she typed it correctly, but since I did have to duplicate the password when it was set, I feels sure I'm typing in the correct password.
      I've tried the following 3 programs
      LogIn Recovery - This should give me all the passwords on my pc in code form, and I should be able to copy this into their web-site and they'd send me the password. However, I got the following error message:
      ERROR: accessing key JD. Will try to continue with syskey off.
      [NOTE The text was slightly off the screen, so I cannot be certain about the JD - I only saw the lower half of each letter]

      NT Offline - Would not let me enter the drive number. It said there were 'resource collisions', or something like that.

      EBCD (EasyBoot CD) - this gave me a list of options. No 5 was to re-set passwords, but it wouldn't let me choose No 5.
      I'm hoping I can find a way around this without having to re-install Windows and all my programs. There's a computer shop in town that I can try, but the engineer's not in until the end of the week. If you have any suggestions or advice on what I should try next, I'd be really grateful, as I'm completely stumped and my partner is more than a little annoyed.....


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        Re: How do i Reset my adminstrator password

        Re: latest entry from Dr Mo.

        I would just like to say, that having read the "read this if you want any replies" thing, is that yes, I have read the articles. I know I'm not going to be spoon-fed. I am pretty computer illiterate but I have some "geek" buddies that will help me fix this if I do get any replies that look as though they would work. I also worried that there's something wrong with my PC and that's why the normal fixes aren't working. Please, I don't need to be spoon fed, and don't want to p!ss anyone off if they perceive my questions as basic. But I'm really stuck and I need help!

        Dr Mo


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          Re: How do i Reset my adminstrator password

          Were you logged on as Administrator or were you using a different username? Please note. As Administrator or as an administrator are 2 different options. The password will apply to the Username, so if you were logged on as Mary, the password will only work with that username.
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            Re: How do i Reset my adminstrator password

            You can reset all passwords on an XP box.

            You need access to an XP box of course.

            Open Help and Support
            Search for "Reset Password" without the quotes
            Choose "Create a password reset disk"

            It will take you step by step.

            Hope It Helps!!!
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              Re: How do i Reset my adminstrator password

              Can't create a password reset disk til computer working again

              Anyway, engineer came last night and couldn't fix it either. He explained that normal fixes wouldn't work, but not to me so I'll have to get back to you with the actual explanation. Something about it being a "tweaked" version of windows. He also couldn't explain why it had happened either.


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                Re: How do i Reset my adminstrator password

                This will help

                No, I dont own the site...