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  • Now What????


    I have read all of the posts and learned some new things. Thank you!

    I have a Laptop with W2000 that was part of a network. I messed up the pasword and got locked out. I have tried the NT password and registry editor and it seems to make the changes, however, I still can't get in. I tried this 5 times, and also tried the trick of using the chkdsk and reboot from the CD five times with no success. I just get the message that I can't log in and to check the spelling of the Domain name, user name, and password.... etc.

    I moved to Austrumi and burned the iso three different ways, however, the message comes back that the CD is not bootable. I also don't get any opportunity to type in anything.

    Does anyone have any guidance to what I can do to either get this software to work or what I should try.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Re: Now What????

    Why don't you ask your helpdesk to reset your password??