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I have a bit of a problem, please help if you can

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  • I have a bit of a problem, please help if you can

    ok here is my situation, I run on XP and it has one password protected admin account and my dad is the only person that knows the password. Now he sometimes lets me on the computer by entering in his pass, but of course he never tells me the pass. So sometimes i have access to the admin account. My problem is that very often I am not allowed on the computer for a stupid, if any reason at all!! This can be very frustrating concidering i am a 17 year old attending grade 12.....internet and computer access is pretty much a must these days as far as homework and assignments go. So most the time I can't do my homework because i dont have access to the computer.

    Is their anything i can do to gain access to his password? Iv'e read a bunch of the password recovery articles you ahve but that is only if you have access as far as the password screen. IS their anything i can do when i actually do have access to the computer??

    Thanks so much, this is getting very frustrating.

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    Re: I have a bit of a problem, please help if you can

    I would do some serious sucking up to your Dad and to get your own system. Since it is not your computer, these forums are not able to assist your in bypassing the password protection. Sorry, I do sympathise.
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