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Domain admin password changed on SBS2003 Server

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  • Domain admin password changed on SBS2003 Server

    Hi People,

    I very much hope someone within the community can help with the following issue - the company i work for has had a very lax policy when it comes to passwords and this has now become a problem as someone (either locally or remotely - we are unsure so far) has changed the Domain Administrator password and downgraded all user accounts which had Administrator priveledges so now effectively no-one can log into the Server.

    We have tried all options available on your site which pertain to an Active Directory stored Administrator password to no avail - the main issue we are facing is when we try to log into Directory Services Restore Mode we are given a brief blue screen and the Server reboots. So no local access to the Server it would seem.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Many thanks.