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XP Pro locked out!

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  • XP Pro locked out!

    My wife recently decided that it would be a good idea to change my password while I was out because she was annoyed with me

    When I returned she seemed a bit panicked because although she thought she knew the new password, it wasn't working! After hours of trying every combination to no avail, I decided to install a second copy of Windows XP Pro on my second hard drive.

    I have since used a password recovery program to retrieve the password, and to my surprise, it was the EXACT password she said it was..... the exact one we had both tried hundreds of times!!!

    So why can't I get in????

    I don't seem to remember the admin password, which I thought I did, and I had disabled guest access.

    During my attempts to get in, I have replaced the logon.scr with cmd.exe and then waited for the command window to appear during logon and attempted to use:

    net users administrator 1234

    But I am told "Access Denied".

    I would much prefer to get back into my old system, if anyone can help it would be welcomed!

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    Re: XP Pro locked out!

    try to use a recovery cd to boot the OS and change the PW

    ERD is a good tool
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      Re: XP Pro locked out!

      I have tried changing the password using one of the main password changing tools.... can't recall off hand which one, but it used a boot CD.

      It managed to reset the number of re-tries for entering the password, and looked as if it had worked for changing the password, but it didn't (I know it didn't because it was after doing this that I recovered the password, which was unchanged).

      I noticed however, that when the password changing tool was loading, it could only seem to mount the NTFS volume in read only mode... which of course could explain why it failed to change it. Conversley, if it managed to write the change for the number of retries, then it must have been able to write!? Also after running this tool, my computer ran a chkdsk as expected, so it must have done something right.

      At the end of the day, I have a second OS installed now, and have access to all my old files..... but I just don't understand this problem, and would love to know why and how it happened. If I KNOW the correct password, then why can't I log in? could the account have become disabled? if that were the case then there must be a way to re-enable it.

      The Guest account has a blank password, but it says that it will not allow interactive logon, I think this was changed by Spybot S&D, which changed a lot of security features.