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Forgot Password on Dell w/RAID Controller

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  • Forgot Password on Dell w/RAID Controller

    I've gotten myself into a bind with one of our Dell servers. I'm running Win2k (SP4) Server in an A/D, and I've lost the password. I've had to retrieve a lost password before on a workstation/laptop, but this time the nut is a bit harder to crack. I've read through Daniel's articles on password recovery and I'm about to attempt the recovery and found a problem. The problem I'm having is that when you boot from one of the Linux based tools it won't recognize the RAID controller, and therefore I can't see the hard drive to reset the password.

    Does anyone know how I can modify one of the utils so that during boot it'll recognize the controller and boot drive?

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    Re: Forgot Password on Dell w/RAID Controller

    Courage everyone! It's easy than it sounds. Download the Emergency Boot CD and use it as advertised! The utility that I'd been using was older and didn't have the drivers I needed, but EBCD did!! I just followed Mikhail Kupchik's release notes to build the util, burned the CD, and booted from it. The rest fell out just as Daniel and other's have laid out in their directions for password recovery.

    I now have a usable system...phew!


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      Re: Forgot Password on Dell w/RAID Controller

      Thank you for sharing the information!

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services