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Lost ADMIN password to Windwos XP Home Edition on a DELL SYSTEM

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  • Lost ADMIN password to Windwos XP Home Edition on a DELL SYSTEM

    - What Operating System and Service Pack level are you using?
    - Are you in a Workgroup or in an Active Directory domain environment?
    - What are you trying to do?
    - Why are you trying to do it?
    - What did you try already, why, and what was the result of your actions?
    - What was the exact error message that you received?
    - What does the Event Log say?
    - Are there any hardware restrictions we should know of (i.e. no floppy, no CD, etc.)
    - Do you have current backups?

    Service Pack 1
    I need a way to get back into windows XP , don't know the password.
    My brother changed the password on the computer one night and then forgot the password he made the next day.
    I read the information on this website and downloaded some programs that I had to burn into a cd. Did that with like 4 of them all with the same result when I boot up and try to boot from the cd it keeps saying press F1 or F2.
    It has a floppy drive but My computer doesn't so there's no way I can download something on mine oh nvm LOL I can just connect his floppy to my cpu and use it.. Ok So I have a floppy drive and a cd drive
    I don't have the cd's that came with the computer and it's not in a partition either. My computer came with windows in anothe partition I was trying to find a program to ghost the image but can't find nothing that's free.
    Also I don't really care if I have to do something that would cause me to lose information since there's not there that's important only games that he plays that I can give to him from my HDD.

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    Re: Lost ADMIN password to Windwos XP Home Edition on a DELL SYSTEM

    See this solution, perhaps it might help:

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services