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XP resetting admin pw

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  • XP resetting admin pw

    I've been working on this for the better part of 24 hours, and I seem to be stuck. Here's the story...

    My wife was doing windows updates. The machine asked to reboot, she said yes. After the reboot, she'd type in her password, and it would log in, show her background, then save settings and immediately log her out. The same thing happens with my username and password, though I get to glimpse my custom backround before being automatically logged out.

    We've tried many things...

    1. Safe Mode...does the same thing..
    2. Safe Mode, last config...does the same thing
    3. Safe Mode command prompt...hangs while installing drivers
    4. Regular log in with all possible user and password combos...

    4. Put in XP Home Upgrade CD and brought up Restore Console. Entered Admin PW, and it says it's not recognized. If we leave it blank and hit enter, then it works, and we get to Repair our C:\WINDOWS build, and we are dumped to a command prompt with limited access to files.

    5. I've tried the FIXMBR command, but it doesn't fix it.
    6. I've tried copying userinit.exe over to wsaupdater.exe, in case it was a spyware issue...didn't work...same symptoms.

    What is making XP log out upon logging in? Why did this happen during windows update? Is there a way to reset admin pwds that might help this? Is this an ominous start to 2006 or what?

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    Re: XP resetting admin pw

    Got a machine doing similar, but it wasn't Windows Update that caused it but Spyware & trojans. The reboot is most likely when they started to work more effectively. What I intend to do with my problem machine is backup the data, and do a clean install of XP. This will save many hours and lots of hair pulling. Whatever you do yo your system, when it is clean or reloaded, create a NON Admin account (Limited account) and use that whenever on the Internet. Also keep antivirus and spyware (Ad-aware & Spybot etc ) detectors upto date.
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      Re: XP resetting admin pw

      Hi Bigs,

      Happy New Year to you...

      I hear what you're saying about keeping a limited account exposed to the perils fo the internet. I keep my wife's PC stocked with anti-virus and adaware and spybot and zone alarm. Plus, I don't *think* she goes to too many strange sites

      The issue clearly popped up during the reboot after a windows update, so I'm convinced that it's microsoft's crappy code processes that caused the problem. Did you know that they still have a couple active updates that are *known* to have problems? They don't care, and just post workarounds, much like IBM used to do with their mainframes long ago when they were in a monopoly position.

      I've not solved my problem, but I did find some crazy norwegian software that gives me access to the C drive (unlike Windows Recovery Console which is near useless).

      The software has a regedit for win95, but not XP, but it does allow you to create a CD bootable image that loads a shell and lets you get all your files. You might want to try it before you do that clean install.