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Hello Chaps

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  • Hello Chaps

    Great forum !
    i need your expert help on a small XP admin password issue i have had

    I recently starting getting blue screen errors on my xp home edition pc whenever i booted up,safe mode is also screwed and locks up when trying to run also - i opted to boot onto the xp cd and try and run r console where i get prompted for my windows path i want to fix - i choose this option then get prompted for the admin password (blank i thought) so i hit enter and it re-appears 3 times before rebooting back to the xp cd re-install screen

    Any idea's how i can override this admin pasord to fix my pc problems ?


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    Re: Hello Chaps

    Did you follow the forum welcome notes? You should be able to use one of the 4 or 5 suggested methods.

    If you really want to, you can simply begin a new repair installation, pass the driver's detection phase after the first reboot, then press SHIFT+F10, get to the CMD window, go to c:\windows\system32\config and delete the SAM file. This will delete ALL your local users, including the administrator, and Windows will create a new blank SAM file with a new administrator, with a blank password.

    Naturally, you should make sure you have a good backup, and only use this method as a last resort.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Hello Chaps

      Danielp - thanks for the reply...
      A friend of mine lent me a cd to overwrite the admin password in the registry so that has let me run a chkdsk /r which went ok - the next problem has occurred when repairing the xp copy on the drive - when the re-install kicks in it gets to 39 minutes remaining on the GUI but i then get a popup "missing shell.dll" and the re-install stops....any idea's ? If i try a compete install not a repair will that overwrite the whole drive's data or just the xp ?

      Thanks & Regards