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Forgotten & Locked Admin Password

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  • Forgotten & Locked Admin Password

    I have read more than I can bear,
    Forgive if I sound like one of those spoon fed babies.
    I have a media center pc (hp) that is currently locked
    I packed it away and wrote the passwords in my palm and now months later
    have reset my palm and lost my passwords.
    I am in a bind now.
    I have tried using a linux boot disk to reset the pwrd., but to no avail.

    I get through the disk with no problem
    change the password and reset, but when I reboot
    It goes right back to being locked.

    If I run the disk over and over again, It seems as though the computer resets back to being locked.

    I hate hp and I hate compaq and I don't know if ameritrends has something to do with it but I might hate them too.

    - (within the load file I get) NTFS-fs error (device hda2): load_system_files():
    Volume is dirty. Mounting read-only. run chkdsk and mount in windows.
    Could this be the problem?
    At end of disk run after reseting parameters I get:
    - sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

    Are their any angels out there?

    Distressed and just plain stressed,

    Merry Christmas!

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    Re: Forgotten & Locked Admin Password


    You could use one of the other password resetting tools mentioned on my site (read welcome note), however if none of these work I might suggest you simply move towards deleting the SAM file found in the Windows\system32\config folder.

    Note that this file has all the users, passwords and other user/group settings, and deleting it might just cause you other problems, so (be warned!) you're on your own there. However, deleting the file will cause XP to create a new blank one, with the administrator's password set to blank.

    I'd consider this as a last resort.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Forgotten & Locked Admin Password


      I suppose you can use [email protected] password changer. This is a really powerful tool that can reset lost or forgotten password. IT helped me much before so I think you will also find it useful.