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Windows XP password lost (read for explanation)

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  • Windows XP password lost (read for explanation)

    My stepfather has a small law firm and a few secretaries normaly work for him. For reasons he didn't explain to me, he fired one of his secretaries, and as a going away present she accessed her computer and locked the administrator account with a password, and deleted all other accounts. Since that computer is the most important in the small firm, my stepfather came running to me to try and find a fix.

    After reading the site and the tools, I think the most obvious way is to use, But since I really don't trust the idea of sending all my passwords to the internet for "verification" I decided to ask here if there's another way. If not, I wont have much of a choice and will have to do it. But if you guys have any other ideas I would appreciate them.

    Before you ask, we called the company the secretary came from and she's just calling us liars etc, so that's no use, we have to have it working before monday, when the new secretary comes, so you see the problem.

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    Re: Windows XP password lost (read for explanation)

    If you peruse this forum you will find a plethora of ways to recover the password. He is just one.
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      Re: Windows XP password lost (read for explanation)


      I recommend you using [email protected] Password changer utility to solve your problem. This is a small and easy to use tool that can easily reset yuor forgotten xp pass. That really helped me before, so give it a try.