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Invalid Boot.ini -Change psswrd in bios?

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  • Invalid Boot.ini -Change psswrd in bios?

    Great info in Faq's. Im working on a friends very unhealthy computer.
    I finally got the comp to boot. It auto searches... Invalid Boot.ini File (from C So I figure re install XP. I find again it goes directly to C: for info. When unsuccefull it asks to do safe mod, w/network, last known config. ect. Any of those choices will cause a freeze.

    Now I think I need to change the priority of boot (D: , Floppy, USB .ect). Heres the Problem. When I push Delete to go too the bios. It asks for a password (8 Digits). If I cant change the boot sequence (change it so that it will look for USB, D: , A How can I load a program to change, remove the password? Eventually It should go down a list (A:, usb, D: ) looking for a prompt (right vocab?), then say error (Invalid Boot.ini file)

    I tried the Xp cd, ubuntu (Linux), Flash boot, and EBCD. But overall I cant get to a command line. Or get the comp to recognize alt sources. or use, Windows Password recovery, Petter Nordahl-Hagen's Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Openwall's John the Ripper, EBCD or Austrumi. Whats the next step?
    Feel free to email me, with any Q's comments. thnks

    Lol my C : is turning into a smile, how unmeant. Im refering to the prompt.
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    Re: Invalid Boot.ini -Change psswrd in bios?

    If there is a bios password keeping you from altering its settings there usually isn't a way to clear or reset the password using software. Typically to reset or clear a bios password you'll need physical access to a jumper on the motherboard. If you don't know where this jumper is located you'll need to consult the motherboard documentation.

    Frequently the jumper is blue, and often the instructions to clear the password are printed on the PCB so take a look if you're unsure of the manufacturer or unable to locate the documentation.
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