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    This is really an irritating problem: I built my own machine and never entered an administrator password during setup of Windows XP home. Now when I try to use the repair function, I hit enter and simply get the C:\windows prompt.

    I read this site pretty carefully and tried the method at I got an error that said the process is not compatible with a serial ATA drive.

    What other methods would you suggest to get the password or:

    Does someone know what the heck the default password would be for the hidden administrator?

    Finally, some insight as to why Microsoft will not allow me to control the setting of this vital password would be nice.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    This link can be found if you do some browsing via the forum sticky. Try looking there for more options if this doesn't work.

    Follow this link...

    Follow the instructions in creating a bootdisk. If you need a driver for a drive controller it can be loaded if the default setup doesn't work. Once you get into the thing you can set a password for the administrator account.

    It should be pretty straight forward, good luck.

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      Thanks for the advice. I downloaded and created an emergency boot disk. However, the tool apparently doesn't support SATA drives and it will not find my disk partition with windows installed. Any other ideas?

      Although I would really like to get the password changed, the main problem is that my computer won't boot without the Windows XP disk in the drive. If i take it out it gives me NTLDR is missing on bootup. If it is in, everything works fine. I have no idea how this happened. I have a couple of ways I have been told that this problem can be fixed, but they involve me using the recovery console (and a correct password). This is what led me to this forum -- the need to recover the Admin Password.


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        Originally posted by cyberdoc36
        ...However, the tool apparently doesn't support SATA drives...
        This is 100% untrue.

        I've used this tool many times on systems with Serial ATA drives without any problems. Most likely you have a PCI or on-board (possbly raid) disk controller and the issue is the lack of a driver for the controller and not the drive or the drive interface.

        There are instructions on the site to load 3rd party drivers for disk controllers.

        Originally posted by

        2004-12-05, release 041205

        - New and improved driver probe on disk, now with probe based on PCI info. The CD/floppy should now work much better for SATA and other drivers needing multiple driver modules.
        - Fixed a small bug causing crashes when loading some hives (end pointer of last page seems to be way off sometimes).
        Thanks to Michael Rothstein for providing a hive file with this "weirdness"
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