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  • HP Procurve 7203DL

    My company has been hired to help a small k12 school get their network back on track. The previous company is no longer in business and did not give the school any network documentation. They have an HP Procurve 7203DL secure router. I have tried to console the unit and just get a username prompt. Being a cisco guy I have tried all the cisco tricks of breaking the boot sequence with no success. I have googled until the cows come home trying to find a password reset procedure for this device. I obviously want to keep the current config intact but I really need to get into this box. I have the same issue with the procurve switches. Is there a published procedure to open the console access to this unit and reset the admin password? I have tried the default password on one of the setup guides I found on the web


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    Re: HP Procurve 7203DL

    As far as i know the only way to reset the password is to factory reset the router.


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      Re: HP Procurve 7203DL

      I'd love to help more, but at the moment, the best I can suggest is this:

      Have you tried calling HP and speaking to them? Maybe, if the device is still under carepack/warranty, and you can give them the serial number, they have some sort of "backdoor" access, a password based on the serial or something ?
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        Re: HP Procurve 7203DL

        Hmm, I couldnt find anything on a password reset either. Thats why I like cisco, they document everything.

        Worst case scenario you could copy the config to notepad, reset to defaults, then copy the config back (minus any passwords)?

        Im not sure if hp stuff stores passwords in the startup config.
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