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Unable to make cd image from login work

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  • Unable to make cd image from login work

    please excuse me if this is a topic that has come up before but i have searched and couldn't find anything similar.
    the long and short of it is this... I changed the admin password on my pc to stop my brother helping himself and can't get back in, i just can't remember it for the life of me. i have one other user account but it doesn't have admin access. i have proof of ownership for those who are worried.
    i am using windows XP home edition.
    i have downloaded the recovery tool on and followed instructions to the letter, put in the cd (no floppy available) and restarted the comp. i get nothing but the login screen. no fleeting info and screens with promptsat all.
    i checked the disk to make sure the iso file was on there and it's all as it should be.
    i'm not very good on computers but can usually follow instructions (for the layman).
    can someone show me the wood for the trees. can i see no further than my it really obvious.???
    apologies for the ramble and thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to make cd image from login work

    Does anyone have any ideas...i'm still lost and people seem to be ignoring my plea....please, please if anyone has any ideas.
    thank you


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      Re: Unable to make cd image from login work

      Did you burn the image file to dis so that it houses some file and not *.iso??

      Is your PC capable of booting from the cd?? If it is has it been set??