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  • unable to access password

    I have a computer that has windows 2000 installed and the screen comes up that says user name administrator and asks for password. Previous owner does not and says never has had password. I am unable to access anything
    on this computer....i cannot get to any of the websites listed on the forum using that computer - what should I do? I would like to unstall Windows 2000
    and reinstall it again so that I can use the computer for my own use. What do I do? Thanks!

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    Re: unable to access password

    Why can't you read the information on those site? Use a different computer and foloow the instructions.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: unable to access password

      I can read the information and download the sites from my home computer; however, the computer I am trying to access and use is a computer that was donated to me at my school. I now have two computers - one which has been set up that runs Window 2000 if I am able to access password for
      admiinistrator. The second was given to our classroom on Thursday, November 3 and is not set up yet. I am not sure about that password either
      but I can contact the person who donated the computer - a parent of a student in my class. I am not able to assess this forum from my computer at school as it denies access to several sites. From what I understand I need to download the information given on the site to access a password then place that disc in the computer at school and reboot it. I will get the floppy discs necessary to do this....which site is the best to use in order to access a password or in my case reset it so I am able to use the program or to reinstall Windows 2000 again. I have read the stickys but I am confused as to how to do this. If some one could explain in simple primary elementary school terms I
      would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!