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  • Will this work?

    Hello Great to be a new member. We have Windows XP professonial Workstations , which has obviously a Adin local account and also logs into a Domain. If we have XP Professional is it likely we are running 2003 Server? I was able to clear Local Admin Account Password and recreate one, But How can I now gain access to the Domain? Will the "Forgot the Administrator's Password? - Reset Domain Admin Password in Windows 2003 AD Sticky work?

    The new admin account will not work, I need to gain access into the Domain again so I can reset my local admin password to regain access to Domain. I've read some of your Stickys, and this forum by far is the best. Thanks for all of your hard work. I am a Newbie!

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    Re: Will this work?

    If you are on a Domain, I think it would be best if you talk to the Domain Administrator about your problem.
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      Re: Will this work?


      "Forgot the Administrator's Password?" definately it would do the trick , but as suggested if you are on domain based Network , ask your Network/System Administrator to change / reset password for you.