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forgot the adminsitrative passord

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  • forgot the adminsitrative passord

    My son put in the amdn. password ,and forgot . Now the system is booted with bootable CD ,Pl. tell me how I can obtain the original screen which does have all the icons . The XP windows is running . The system is running in the dos mode . But I do have some Window base software inside. How I can assess the softawares . whether if I reload the XP does it have the chances of corrupting some softwares ?

    Pl. advise someone

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    Re: forgot the adminsitrative passord

    please read :

    or may try this

    If you can log in as an account , drop to DOS start -> run -> cmd, at the C: prompt type the following (assuming default install locations)
    C:\> cd \winnt\system32
    C:\winnt\system32> copy logon.scr logon.scr.old
    C:\winnt\system32> del logon.scr
    C:\winnt\system32> copy cmd.exe logon.scr
    Now log off the machine, logon.scr is the screen saver that will kick in after 15 minutes of not touching the keyboard/mouse at the logon screen. Wait 15-20 minutes and a DOS prompt with FULL SYSTEM rights will pop up, then just to
    C:\> net user administrator <newpassword>
    and then log in with the new account.
    Try this, might work, as long as he didn't change default permissions on C:\winnt and C:\winnt\system32 you should be golden.

    And from the dos mode (pure) you won't able to access softwares and if you re-installs softwares you have to re-install softwares too.




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      Re: forgot the adminsitrative passord

      Heman this trick only work with FAT, FAT32 partition no with NTFS

      the best way is boot usig a floppy disk or a CD OS system like KNOPPIX ( and delete de files SAM and SYSTEM from winnt/system32/config folder.

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