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Admin Rights on XP Pro

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  • Admin Rights on XP Pro

    Good day to all.
    I am having a problem with an XP pro (SP#) machine I inherited, to which I do not have the Admin password. it IS connected to my company's domain.

    Using the information here I have cleared the password for the Administrator account, and I can login with a blank password . when I use the "offline NT password recovery" tool, it shows the account as having ADMIN rights.

    However -
    1. The account does not in fact work as an admin (e.g. I can't install
    some programs, and the start button doe not show "explore all users")
    2. In account properties, I see it as a member of a group called "debugger users"
    and NOT as a member of "Administrators". If I try adding this group I get
    an error message telling me i have no access.
    3. It seems the two posts about handling domains
    (for windows 200 AD and 2003 AD) both warn me they are NOT designed for
    Windows XP, nor does the "alternate logon" method work for XP.

    So - any advice?
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: Admin Rights on XP Pro

    If it is connected to the company Domain then I would be inclined to go and talk to the IT staff about this issue. They may have a GPO running to stop people hacking into the workstation to make themselves a local Admin.
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      Re: Admin Rights on XP Pro

      Why are you attempting to gain access to the admin account of a work laptop in the first place?
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