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    I have read ALL the forum answers for this problem. However, as indicated in the title, I am not a skilled or qualified computer repair person. I do not understand much of what has been explained. I have a system, that was set up, by a person no longer in the business, so that my wife and I could network the printer to our desktops. We bought a lap top since and wanted to add the printer on the lan, however EPSON told us we had to do it through the administrator level of our desktop. When I tried to add it, the main desktop asked for a pass word, so I gave it one. When I shut down to restart, it now does (and never did) recognize the pass word. My wife does not want me to put the hard dive in her computer!!!!!!!!! Any way to correct, I can access windows 98 on the computer.

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    Re: Over My Head

    Originally posted by mtndaleman
    Any way to correct, I can access windows 98 on the computer.
    First of all if it's win98, unless he's implemented system policies, you should be able to just hit the escape key to get in. From there, you can install the printer.

    Either that or you can log in as any user. Win 98 does not restrict software or printer installation as it's not a true network operating system.

    If it's a permission issue on the machine that's sharing the printer, you'll need to adjust the share permissions on that computer before trying to add it to your win98 machine.

    But let's try this first.