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  • The server strikes again

    OK Hi.
    1st of all believe what you want just please help me.
    Reason for Help:
    To get to the point I have a project due and my account according to me and my school is broken and I can't get in because the password was changed.
    I need to get in to it and the administrator can't let me (strange no).

    So I have a program that can figure out the password (windows password), but it needs hashes which can be gotten in 2 ways only option for me is to be admin and import local settings.

    The system is like this teacher has xp computer,I have an xp computer and everyone else (majority) has 98.

    What do I do so I can get password?
    a)get me on to admin account
    b)other way to get me hashes
    c)you're a genius so if you think of anything else feel free to tell me

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    Re: The server strikes again

    No love man, sorry. If the admin says no, then he has a reason. If you disagree, take it up with your teacher who assigned the project, and have them get you access to your files. But we're not gonna help you hack your school, just because you forgot to backup your files to floppy or CD.


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      Re: The server strikes again

      no man you don't understand the admin doesn't know the password and can't get me in. Also we have 2 admins on our network (i think) the computer guy who comes in and fixes stuff and our teacher.


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        Re: The server strikes again

        The Administrator doesn't have or need to know th password to your account. He can simply reset it to anything which you can change when you logon. Ask the Administrator to RESET your password.
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